Tobias Fried

Hi there! I am a mobile developer, photographer, and kombucha brewer in Brooklyn, NY.


An Android app for kombucha homebrewers, offering cataloging of recipes, tracking ongoing projects with periodic reminders, real-time cross-device sync, and useful analytics to help enthusiasts refine their favorite recipes.

Built in Java and Kotlin, leveraging Android Architecture Components, and Google Firestore and Cloud Functions.

Designed by Helena Zhang.

Rasa Logo
Rasa Logo


A lightweight web client for Philips Hue smart lighting and home automation system, built in React. Adjust your lights and groups, set and trigger schedules, and manage motion sensors and other connected devices, all from the comfort of your browser.

Awesome CSS Framework courtesy of Semantic UI.

Huebert Screenshot


A minimal icon pack inspired by aircraft cockpit design, with accessibility at its core, and simple, bold colors to make a sleek, AMOLED-friendly dashboard display for your home screen.

Icon design by Helena Zhang. Many thanks to Jahir Fiquitava for the wonderful Blueprint library.

Phosphor Icons Full Bleed
Phosphor Icons Full Bleed


A text-based RPG set in on an anachronistic world in which a dark secret, buried long ago, threatens to upend the tenuous peace between disparate nations. Explore a rich land filled with unique cultures and people, fight dangerous beasts, and discover powerful items and artifacts on your journey to find the source of the ancient Cataclysm.

Built on a simplified Dungeons and Dragons game system as an excercise to familiarize myself with the Java language.


A data-rich homescreen replacement for Android phones inspired by aircraft cockpit design. The HUD style interface surfaces useful information like recent messages, nearby transit and weather, and device resource utilization to keep you in the know.

Created with KLWP and Tasker and incorporating Phosphor icons.

Cockpit Dashboard Screenshot
Cockpit Dashboard Screenshot